The Prayer of Manasseh is located in the Bible Old Testament, at the very end of it, followed by the New Testament.

This is an excellent prayer of repentance, sorrow for sin, asking for God's forgiveness and mercy, with a firm purpose of amending one's life and living it as God wants you to do.

What is a sin?

All sin offends God. Following is a list of sins, many so grave, that if a person dies unrepentant, he or she will go to hell forever. No one can enter Heaven with sin on his or her soul at death. Some lesser sins do not cause a sinner to go to hell, but to purgatory at death, until the soul is purged of all actual sins and temporal punishment for past forgiven sins. Only a few holy souls are worthy at death to go directly to Heaven after judgment by Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Regardless of a person's belief at death all souls go to Jesus Christ for judgment. We should all strive to be worthy to go directly to Heaven at death. Those who become Catholics have the greatest privilege of confessing your sins to a priest and having them absolved (taken away) by Jesus Christ. He gave the power to His apostles, and their successors, to forgive sins. The first pope of the universal, Catholic Church was the Apostle Peter, who was martyred just as were many of his successors as pope (papa) of the church.

Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life." No one else can say that. There is no other way, truth and life.

We cannot fathom how much God loves us. We ourselves do whatever we can for those we love through prayer, words and actions. It is a mirror of what God does for those who truly love Him and try to obey His commandments, and repent of our sins and change to live as God wants us to live.

Love God, love your neighbor and make Christ the center of your life. The most important work on this earth is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ—everywhere—and living it. The Father has never been without the Son, nor the Son without the Spirit and this same Trinity is immutable and forever unalterable.

Keep the following list of sins to refer to it often.

Sins: adultery, fornication, abortion, murder, idolatry, incest, homosexual acts, immorality, prostitution, arson, stealing, false testimony, coveting a man's wife or property, lust, greed, adoring and praying to false gods, failing to worship the one true God, taking the name of the Lord thy God in vain, swearing, not observing the Lord's day with rest and worship, not honoring your father and mother, kidnapping, denying or doubting God's existence, going to sorcerers or fortune tellers, blasphemy, breaking an oath or vow to God, neglecting duties to your spouse and children and parents, failing to see to the religious education and formation of your children, not giving a fair day's work for your wages, giving scandal by what you said or did, becoming impatient, angry, envious, proud, jealous, revengeful, hateful, lazy, slothful, giving bad example, practicing gluttony, avarice, abusing drugs or alcohol, drunkenness, fighting, quarreling, injuring someone, approving of doctor-assisted suicide or "mercy" killing, being guilty of euthanasia, attempting suicide, deceit, wickedness, evil words or acts, malice, hateful to God, insolent, boastful, deliberately entertaining impure thoughts, dressing immodestly, using impure or suggestive words, reading impure material, committing impure acts by myself or with others, looking at impure films, television, pictures, unfaithfulness to your spouse, keeping company with someone else's spouse, abusing marriage rights, practicing birth control, sterilization, in vitro fertilization, killing human embryos, cheating, keeping stolen goods, giving or accepting bribes, failing to fulfill contracts, rashly gambling or speculating, depriving your family of the necessities of life, all lies, perjury, being uncharitable in word or deed, vanity, gossiping, revealing another's faults or sins, failing to keep secrets you should have, failing to be kind or have pity, no charity or mercy, no love for one another, being impious, having conceit, arrogance, cowardice, being a traitor to the true faith in Christ, being a sexual pervert, practicing mutilation, physical and mental torture, trafficking in women and children, business fraud, tax fraud, work badly done, forgery, excessive expenses and waste, and many other sins your conscience will convict you of if you begin to try to live your life as God wants you to do, with repentance and penance and prayer.

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