Science and CSI Methods Prove
Noah’s Ark Exists on Mt. Ararat, Turkey

By Daniel P. McGivern, President & C.E.O. of Shamrock–The Trinity Corporation

December 8, 2011

I will in this article, through science and CSI methods confirm the existence of Noah’s Ark in large pieces, on Mount Ararat in Turkey.

The first thing I want to bring up is in this book: "White House Diary" by Jimmy Carter.

The last entry for 1977 is on page 156. Carter told Larry King that he wrote this book 30 years ago and didn’t change a single sentence.

I draw your attention to the first paragraph: December 31, 1977. "We left Poland in a heavy snow and enjoyed the flight to Tehran, flying over some very interesting terrain. Although it was a clear day, we never were sure whether or not we saw Mount Ararat to the north."

On that same Air Force One were reporters and photographers who saw things very differently. UPI photographer Ronald Bennett confirmed 15 years before Carter’s book, in "The Incredible Discovery of Noah’s Ark," the year and the date of the flight, December 31, 1977 from Warsaw to Tehran.

Bennett says: "During the terms of four U.S. presidents – from Nixon through Reagan – I was the UPI photojournalist covering the White House. I always flew aboard Air Force One, reporting the activities of the president. On this particular occasion, with then-President Jimmy Carter, we were en route from Poland to Tehran to attend a New Year’s Day celebration given by the shah.

"During the flight, while we were flying over eastern Turkey, our attention was called to the window. It was a dramatic moment as Soviet MIG fighter jets were escorting us wing-on- wing. At the same time, someone also told us that if we looked down we would see Noah’s Ark. We looked and there was a mountain with snow and glaciers on it."

…There, maybe halfway up the mountain, clearly visible, was a large, dark boat. It was partially covered with snow or ice. I’m convinced, based on what I saw there, that it was Noah’s Ark."

–Ronald Bennett, UPI photographer

"There, maybe halfway up the mountain, clearly visible, was a large, dark boat. It was partially covered with snow or ice. I’m convinced, based on what I saw there, that it was Noah’s Ark. It’s my opinion that the President probably had Air Force One routed over Mount Ararat and most likely saw the ark too."

Carter, in his book, not only didn’t see the Ark, he said he wasn’t sure if he did or didn’t see Mount Ararat itself, which thoroughly dominates the area, has 17-square miles of glacial ice on it and is almost 17,000 feet high.

You can view the excerpts about the Air Force One Mt. Ararat sightings from "White House Diary"  Sorry, opening a new window to an external site and "The Incredible Discovery of Noah’s Ark." Sorry, opening a new window to an external site

How is that possible? On the same plane?

Take a good look at Carter’s statement again on page 156, and the last three words of the first paragraph are "to the north."

The flight from Warsaw to Tehran means that Mount Ararat will be very clearly visible to the southwest, the right side windows. If Mr. Carter looked out a left side window, to the north, he’d miss seeing Mt. Ararat entirely and the Ark as well. You’d think somebody would have told him to look down, out the right side, particularly because it was re-routed to go over, not just pass by, Mt. Ararat.

Noah’s Ark was seen countless times, yes many times during World War II by U.S. and Allies flying over it.

Noah’s Ark was seen countless times, yes many times during World War II by U.S. and Allies flying over it. American Vince Will saw it up close from his DC-3, and became a pastor after the war.

Mr. Bennett is not the only one on the plane who saw Noah’s Ark, as he clearly states.

At the time of the flood, no mountains in the world were over 5,000 feet high Sorry, opening a new window to an external site, states the world’s most foremost scholar on the worldwide flood,
Dr. Walt BrownWalt Brown  (602-955-7663). Dr. Brown is the world expert on where the water came from (not just heavy rains like we think) and where did it go, after the flood. He states that the worldwide fossil record is evidence of rapid deposition and burial of animals and plants, forming the fossil record by a global catastrophic flood. In the "Christian Men of Science Sorry, opening a new window to an external site," he is the only one alive of the "eleven men who changed the world," according to the authors of the book, since modern science began with Johannes Kepler.

"There is not a single tree on Mt. Ararat," said Pedro VenegasPedro Venegas , who was the official photographer on this summer’s mission. Gases do come from volcanic Mt. Ararat.

Our hero, the expedition leader I have worked with since 2005 is Richard Carl Bright, nicknamed the Bulldog, (he’s very tenacious), in the book "The Explorers of Ararat Sorry, opening a new window to an external site." I’ve also worked with Bob Cornuke the real-life Indiana Jones of the Ark and other searches, and master climber Bob Stuplich who has a chapter in this book.

So, why has such a big boat, easily seen from a jet airplane, so hard to find on the ground? Can it even be seen from the air right now?

Here’s why Noah’s Ark has been hard to find and can no longer be seen from the air for 20 years.

Three years ago, a Kurd came to meet Dick Bright in Dogubeyazit, the town at the foot of the mountain. He is in his 60’s and as a boy played on Noah’s Ark, much like the famous story of shepherd George Hagopian which all Ark searchers know.

The sulphur and iron in the large chunks proved it was there by an explosion.

This man wanted no money, only to do something for God. This is also true of Dick Bright who is a tough man, but a humble man, which drew me to him years ago. Anyway, this Kurd took team members of the expedition to the location of Noah’s Ark. He and team members were shocked to find it covered up by dirt, ice and large chunks of rock, sharply broken. The sulphur and iron in the large chunks proved it was there by an explosion.

The Kurd said he didn’t understand what happened, and why were the two peaks overlooking the Ark now gone. Dick Bright believed the man and knew why the peaks were gone.

In 1991, the atheist Turkish commander of the Mt. Ararat Army base ordered fighter jets up to that location to destroy the two peaks, until that large piece of Noah’s Ark was completely covered.

The answer seemed obvious – a backhoe at that altitude to uncover everything. But the PKK torched the backhoe, fearing it would be used to make a road for the Turkish Army to come up to fight the PKK. It’s a very dangerous mountain.

As Bob Cornuke said to me – and he wrote the book, "Ark Fever Sorry, opening a new window to an external site" in 2005 which details the mission I sent Cornuke and Stuplich on two weeks after the government denied my application "for security reasons" September 1, 2004 for a 3 team – total of 30 men to go up. Anyway, Cornuke said, "Its tough enough to search for Noah’s Ark on such a treacherous mountain, but to worry about men with guns shooting at each other and dodging bullets, is crazy." Fox News’ Kelly Wright calls Cornuke a modern-day Indiana Jones.

Yes, it’s tough to find Noah’s Ark. Last summer, the backhoe never left the Turkish military parking lot.

Fortunately, this is not the end of the story. Noah’s Ark – two large pieces of it – has been found, but before I get to that you need to read about the DNA trail to Noah. Wendy Wippel is a truly great and prolific medical and science writer, formerly with Centers for Disease Control.

Wendy WippelWendy Wippel  is a molecular biologist with over 30 years experience in medical writing and medical research, spanning virtually every therapeutic area. Her diverse body of publications is comprised of both articles in the medical journals (with nearly 100 articles published in medical journals or medical reference materials) and regulatory documentation; she has also authored two regular consumer health columns as well as websites, CME materials, and presentations.

Prior to her focus on medical writing, Wendy worked as a research scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and at the University of Cincinnati. She earned both graduate and undergraduate degrees (with concentrations in immunology, virology, oncology and molecular biology) at The Ohio State University. Wendy lives with her husband and two teenage daughters in Mississippi.

The DNA Trail to Eve
And Noah, Not Adam

By Wendy Wippel, Medical and Science Writer

One of the more fascinating findings of recent genetic research has been that certain pieces of the DNA can be used to reconstruct a detailed history of our ancient past. Spencer Wells, a geneticist formerly of Oxford University in England, now head of the Human Genographic Project wrote that "Every drop of human blood contains a history book written in the language of our genes," he states in Journey of Man  Sorry, opening a new window to an external site . Brian Sykes  Sorry, opening a new window to an external site , geneticist also at Oxford University, recorded that the DNA record is a book that "details human history, written inside the cells of every man," a history "way beyond written records or even stone inscriptions."

…the history recorded in our DNA bears striking resemblance, in striking detail, to that recorded thousands of years ago in the book of Genesis.

Geneticists are now decoding a book of sorts that records a detailed history of humanity’s origins and travels, written in the DNA itself from the beginning of human existence yet only now emerging. Even more fascinating, the history recorded in our DNA bears striking resemblance, in striking detail, to that recorded thousands of years ago in the book of Genesis.

DNA, as you may remember from high school biology, is basically a blueprint of the individual that is contained in every cell of the body. Most of the DNA is in the nucleus; one small piece of DNA is contained within the mitochondria, the "power plant" organelle within the cell. Like forensic DNA analysis, lineage studies analyze markers (places in the DNA where differences between two samples are seen) specific to individuals, but lineage studies require the use of DNA segments that do not mix together during reproduction.

This research into human origins, then, is conducted using either Y-chromosome or mitochondrial DNA. These are useful for lineage studies since both are inherited from only one parent. Mitochondrial DNA is acquired only from the mother, and Y-chromosome DNA is passed only from father to son.

A landmark study by Cann, Stoneking and Wilson in 1987  Sorry, opening a new window to an external site studied populations all over the world, and, using mitochondrial DNA analysis, found that all subjects tested could be traced back to the same human female, dubbed "mitochondrial Eve." Shortly after, Y-chromosome analysis (Underhill, 2000  Sorry, opening a new window to an external site ) found similarly that all living human males had a single male ancestor as well. (Now known as "Y-chromosome Adam.")

…Cann, Stoneking and Wilson in 1987
…found that all subjects tested could be traced back to the same human female, dubbed "mitochondrial Eve." … Underhill, 2000, found similarly that all living human males had a single male ancestor as well … "Y-chromosome Adam."

Despite the Biblical monikers, the scientists involved are quick to assert that these two figures do not represent the Biblical figures they are named for. From an assumed predictable rate of mutation, both mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome DNA lineages have an inherent time clock; calculations, in fact, showed that mitochondrial Eve lived sometime before Y-chromosome Adam, prompting newspaper headlines in 2000 that said "Adam and Eve never met!," and one scientist to proclaim that the findings made it "still more difficult to believe in the Biblical couple who were expelled from the earthly paradise."

But does it? Let’s look at the Biblical account. What has been defined in both cases (Y-chromosome Adam and genetic Eve) are statistical entities called the Most Recent Common Ancestor, the earliest shared ancestor of the people studied. Intriguingly, from the Biblical account there were eight people on the ark: Noah, his three sons, and their respective wives. Since the Y-chromosome is passed from father to sons, Noah’s three sons would have inherited his Y-chromosome, and all future males would have inherited Noah’s Y-chromosome in turn through their fathers. Noah would be the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) of all males living today. In contrast, we have no reason to believe that the four women on the ark were related, so they would have possessed four different sets of mitochondrial markers, and their Most Recent Common Ancestor would have, by definition, been multiple generations earlier in the person of Eve. Eve would be the MRCA of the females, but Noah, not Adam would be the MRCA of the males.

Y-chromosome Adam is described by the scientists as a male who (although he is the single male to which all males living today can be traced), would not have been the only human male living at the time, but a male who, by virtue of some catastrophic event, was the only male who survived to pass on his version of the Y-chromosome (a genetic event called bottleneck). (And interestingly enough, there is genetic evidence of a less drastic bottleneck affecting the female line at the same point in time.)

A careful reading of Genesis clearly identifies exactly such a bottleneck. There was a specific man who lived considerably after Eve but who represents, genetically, the point at which the DNA trail back through time would end because none of his male contemporaries survived: Noah. What science has identified is, again, the male MRCA: the most recent male individual from whom all contemporary human Y-chromosomes are descended. Since Noah would have passed his Y-chromosome on to all his sons, all four men on the ark would have shared identical Y-chromosome DNA. There were, however, four women on the ark. All the descendants, therefore of those eight individuals, if male, would inherit Noah’s Y-chromosome. Their mtDNA, however, would reflect the diversity existing in the starting population, since all four of the women, though genetically different, could trace their mtDNA back to the Biblical Eve. The MRCA of the maternal lineage would, then, be Eve, but the most recent common ancestor among future males would in fact, be Noah—who did (according to both science and the Bible) live considerably after the female MRCA, Eve.

Interestingly, the Biblical account itself is reflected even in the language that the scientists have employed.

Interestingly, the Biblical account itself is reflected even in the language that the scientists have employed. The Cann and Wilson paper describes mitochondrial Eve as the progenitor of every living human on the planet, almost eerily echoing her designation in Scripture as the "mother of all the living". Similarly, the Bible describes Noah as "one favored by God"— surely a fitting title for any individual whom science defines as the only male to survive a dramatic bottleneck and live to populate a whole new world.

In conclusion, far from providing evidence for the assertion by some scientists that these findings disprove the Biblical account of ancient history, these findings actually support it in exquisite detail.

~ End of her article. Mr. McGivern writes the rest of this article. ~

Dr. Stephen Meyer and Dr. Francis S. Collins discuss the proof of God because of our DNA, in their books. Dr. Collins now heads the National Institutes of Health.

Science and CSI methods prove Noah’s Ark exists on Mt. Ararat.

See the video showing the large piece Sorry, opening a new window to an external site, and all the measurements discovered on ground penetrating radar at 16,600 feet on the mountain, less than 400 feet from the summit.

There’s a lot about John T. BryantJohn Bryant  of Bryant Consultants in Dallas on their website. He personally did the ground penetrating radar in the summer of 2010, discovering the one big piece.

Science can say, as John Bryant did, this is an object that appears man-made and is very straight, with right angles clearly shown, which does not occur in nature.

Bryant on this 17-square miles of glacial ice made 98 GPR surveys above the Ahora Gorge on glacial ice.

George Stephen III Sorry, opening a new window to an external site, who I first read about in 1995, directed this operation on glacial ice on Mt. Ararat. He did this covertly.

In the early 90’s, he was severely reprimanded for doing an "Unsolved Mysteries" interview and his use of the military/CIA satellite imagery and the secret, high-tech equipment he was developing, had not been authorized. He found the two large pieces of wood buried in that vast glacial ice.

Fortunately, the operation this summer included a top-notch ground penetrating radar expert, John Bryant, who following George Stephen’s instructions immediately located Noah’s Ark, the two big pieces in glacial ice Stephen knew about with technology at his fingertips. It was confirmed as wood by spectrographic atomic analysis.

Bryant could not do a GPR at the 12,447 ft. site, believed to be the site Air Force One was over on December 31, 1977, because of all the granite from the exploded rock covering that site. An explosives expert and geologist both confirmed that what was covering that large piece of the Ark was the result of explosion, not anything natural.

George Stephen III did make it clear in "The Incredible Discovery of Noah’s Ark" (1995), that the satellite imagery revealed the large, wooden rectangular structure under the Ararat snow and ice. The site is above the treacherous Ahora Gorge, which is 1½ times the depth of the Grand Canyon.

The eminent Martin Bridge, from the Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory said wood could be preserved in wet conditions (glacial ice) for thousands of years.

The late Dr. Willard Libby, who won the Nobel prize for inventing carbon-14 dating, said it wouldn’t work on the Ark for technical reasons, many years ago.

C-14 dating on this object is a waste of time, money and just plain stupid. The experts say as much.

How old, then, is Noah’s Ark? Just about 5,000 years, many say. Others think 5,000 to 10,000 years.

But we are just proving Noah’s Ark exists on Mt. Ararat by science and CSI methods, including President Carter, supposedly looking out the wrong window.

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