Welcome everyone, all over the world. The website you are about to read is in three sections: Science Discovers Noah's Ark, The Warnings to mankind from Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary in 20th Century approved apparitions, and the Food For Thought sections, consisting of 31 articles for nourishing the souls of mankind.

Daniel P. McGivern
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What Does It Take To Prove

The best approach is science, cold and impersonal. Imbedded in glacial ice, just 23 feet, at one end, from the surface, a large piece has been found, 24 feet x 123 feet, dipping down into glacial ice well over 100 feet deep. The video of it is shown on this website.

The Ark piece is located just 350 feet from the summit of Mt. Ararat, a 17,000-foot mountain, volcanic with no trees on it, with 17-square miles of glacial ice near the top.

Nobody has ever said there are two Arks on this mountain—just one. For thousands of years, there have been many reports of sightings of the Ark, long before photography and science could be utilized.

Ground penetrating radar has discovered the large piece at 16,600 feet high on Mt. Ararat. Another large piece has been reported in glacial ice nearby. A third large piece we call the Air Force One site was seen from President Jimmy Carter’s plane, and often during World War II by U.S. and Allies flying over the mountain. Read how it was intentionally covered up.

Also, learn about the DNA trail to Noah, not Adam, and to Eve and how that happened.

The scientific approach is best!

The Warnings article and section is thoroughly documented with exact quotes from Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary from 20th century apparitions approved by the Roman Catholic Church for over one billion believers, and others who choose to believe.

The Food For Thought section contains 31 articles for nourishing the souls of mankind.

It's a time for prayer, confession of sins, penance and repentance. It's also a time for hope. We all need to live the way God wants us to do.