Food For Thought

Nourishing the Souls of Mankind

This "Food For Thought" section, "Nourishing the Souls of Mankind," contains 31 articles, which can be easily downloaded and circulated by you to others. These articles get you to re-think–and often confirm–what you believe, answer many questions in your mind, and open your heart to increase your prayer life to God–the Father, Son and Holy Spirit–to lead you, and your family to the truth! A quick glance at the articles' titles will lead you into one, then hopefully another and another.

All of us who truly love God want to do His will in our lives, not do what we want to do, which can lead to wrong-thinking and even sin. It is my sincere hope that you will come back to this section often, even to re-read an article. You do have my full permission to circulate these as you will. May God bless you all!

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